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A little cursed???

So i found some crazy similarities between my life and the number 23...

I won't tell y'all my full name, but based on cabalistic values my first name adds up to 48, my iddle name adds up to 76, and my last ame adds up to 81. The difference between my first and middle name is 28, and the difference between my middle and last name is 5, 28-5=23...

My boyfriends first name adds to 81, his middle 29 and his last 91, add all three it equals 201, 2x1=2, 2+1=3...

I use his middle name as my password plus the day we began dating, 15...29-(1+5)=23

My birthday is march 23...3/23 it is the inverted 23 and 23 put together...

I was born in 1989...8+9=16, 23-16=6=2x3

today i went to my mailbow and there were 32 messages in my inbox...

I swear all this is true. I think I am a little cursed, hmm...curse add up the values aand it equals 66...23 2x3=6...coincidence or a sign of the devil????

I am sure you all know this but i love the fact that 2/3= .666
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